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Queens Residential Pest Control Company

Top-Rated Residential Pest Control Company in Queens, NYC

If uninvited guests of the creepy, four-legged variety are treating your home like their hotel, don’t wait to call Acme Exterminating, the top-rated residential pest control company in Queens, NYC. Don’t let these unwelcome guests get comfortable! Our pest control services target removal of bedbugs, fruit flies, ants, rats and mice. We show up – they’re gone. Our exterminators have years of experience at rodent control and residential pest control in Queens.

Queens Residential Pest Management Services: Bedbugs, Fruit Fly, Ants, Rats, Mice Removal

Whether you live in an apartment, condo or house in Queens, Acme Exterminating’s licensed, thoroughly-trained exterminators will customize residential pest control services to meet your specific needs. The outcome is better for you, and all who share your space. We use integrated pest management, which means pest control services that go well beyond dousing your home in toxic chemicals. Why? The tactics for bedbugs, fruit fly, ants, rats and mice removal vary, depending on the environment. Just a block or two in distance can make a huge difference. A pest control company needs to know this – and the professionals at Acme Exterminating do. Every pest and rodent control issue has its own circumstances. An exterminator should determine whether the remedy involves chemical, mechanical, biological or environmental measures. Often, it’s a combination. You deserve nothing less than full, individualized pest control services that provide a solution for your unique needs!

Integrated Pest Management for Homes and Residences in Queens

Integrated pest management isn’t just a cliché for how Acme Exterminating provides residential pest control services in Queens. Rather, it’s a practice. A thorough inspection of the home is the first step in every exterminator visit. The purpose is to locate where infestations are coming from, and identify harborages and nests. Rodent control, and removal of bedbugs, fruit flies, ants, rats and mice, can’t start until you know where to find them! Extermination is obviously an overriding goal of any pest control company – but what comes afterward? This is where Acme Exterminating’s pest control services come full circle. We show you how to keep pests away, through measures such as sound sanitary practices, smart storage measures, and patching up structural deficiencies. This is true integrated pest management! We’re your Queens residential pest control company, which translates to keeping your residence safe and healthy. Contact us to schedule an inspection. Let’s make clear to all uninvited guests that there’s no vacancy!

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