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Brooklyn Residential Pest Control Company

Top-Rated Residential Pest Control Company in Brooklyn, NYC

If you’ve discovered uninvited guests in your home - specifically, the types who skitter across the floor or buzz through the room – find a phone and call Acme Exterminating, the top-rated residential pest control company in Brooklyn, NYC. Pests multiply fast. Time is critical! Our residential pest control and rodent control services quickly evict the bedbugs, fruit flies, ants, rats or mice who’ve decided to call your home their home. Take control of your living space! Our licensed, highly-trained exterminators restore your quality of life, and deliver the peace of mind you should expect from a pest control company.

Brooklyn Residential Pest Management Services: Bedbugs, Fruit Fly, Ants, Rats, Mice Removal

Just like your Brooklyn living space is unique, so are the residential pest control services needed to disinvite your unwelcome visitors. Even if located close together, no two residences are alike! The pest control services professionals at Acme Exterminating customize rodent control and bedbugs, fruit fly, ants, rats and mice removal to your immediate environment. Before we spray or use another control measure, we thoroughly inspect the premises to learn where pests are entering or hiding. Our experienced exterminators, having worked for a pest control company for many years, know where to find them! Besides uncovering these spots and spaces, Acme Exterminating will identify the exact pests making your life difficult. From there, we employ residential pest control services targeted to your unique needs.

Integrated Pest Management for Homes and Residences in Brooklyn

As a full-service pest control company, Acme Exterminating is totally invested in integrated pest management to provide residential pest control services in Brooklyn. We want to deliver you a solution, not just a temporary fix. Effective rodent control, and removal of bedbugs, fruit flies, ants, rats and mice, involves much more than spraying toxic chemicals all over your living space. A smarter approach typically involves multiple measures - chemical, mechanical, biological or environmental. After our professional exterminators inspect to discover harborages and nests, they analyze the findings to decide on the best extermination and control tactics. They don’t stop there, though. Acme Exterminating is a complete pest control company. We empower you to fight the invaders. How? Through sound sanitary practices, smart storage methods, and addressing structural deficiencies. This is information you deserve, and should know. We provide pest control services throughout Brooklyn, and work to ensure that every customer is a partner in keeping their home safe and healthy. Contact us to schedule an inspection. You didn’t invite these pests in … but we’ll help you keep them out!

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