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Brooklyn Commercial Pest Control Company

Top-Rated Commercial Pest Control Company in Brooklyn, NYC

If uninvited, four-legged guests have invaded your business, it’s time to call Acme Exterminating, the top-rated commercial pest control company in Brooklyn, NYC. We specialize in commercial pest control services for extermination of ants, flies, bed bugs, mice and other rodents. No pests exist that we haven’t given the heave-ho. Our thoroughly-trained, licensed professionals are experts at restaurant pest control in Brooklyn, and pest exterminator services in commercial offices, residential properties, museums, schools, hospitals, theaters, restaurants and parking garages.

Brooklyn Commercial Pest Management Services: Fly, Mice, Ant, Bed Bug Control

Acme Exterminating’s approach to commercial pest management services in Brooklyn is different than many other commercial pest control companies – and better for you. We employ integrated pest management services. What does this mean? Rather than just saturating highly-toxic pesticides for fly, mice, ant, rodent and bed bug control, Acme Exterminating explores all options for commercial pest management. Your pest control issue is unique. The solution could lie with chemical, mechanical, biological or environmental measures. Since 1949, Acme Exterminating has begun every Brooklyn commercial pest control project with a thorough inspection of the premises. We identify the sources of infestations, wherein lie the sources of a solution. Once determined, targeted commercial pest control and extermination measures are undertaken that address your unique site, and your specific pest control challenges.

Integrated Pest Management for Restaurants & Businesses in Brooklyn

Acme Exterminating’s commercial exterminators put their extensive knowledge and experience to use providing integrated pest management services to restaurants and businesses in Brooklyn. Our courteous, professional interactions with you, the commercial pest management customer, belies the merciless approach we employ against flies, mice, ants, bed bugs and rodents. Once our inspection and analysis are complete, we go to work. Besides tackling infestation sources, we find hiding places and nests. We instruct you on sanitary practices to minimize reoccurrences. Let’s make your commercial property less attractive to pests. Integrated pest management, which we practice, is about both extermination and prevention. As your Brooklyn commercial pest control company, we won’t be satisfied until you are. Contact us to schedule an inspection. You didn’t invite these pests in … but it’s time for their eviction!

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