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Acme Exterminating Of New York City Offers Winter Pest Prevention Tips

Winter pest prevention tips are a main concern for New York property owners and managers as the days grow colder and darker. Common winter infestations are preventable, but when pests do infiltrate a building, swift rat, mice, and insect extermination is necessary to prevent disease and damage. What are the risks for winter infestations? There are several. Mice, for example, pose a danger to chew through wires and spark an electrical fire while seeking warmer temperatures. Cockroaches, another common winter pest, can contaminate food sources and spread bacteria or other pathogens. If you do have a winter pest prevention concern in New York City and the surrounding boroughs, contact Acme Exterminating today for peace of mind. 

Acme Exterminating shares an article from to help NYC residents prepare for winter pest prevention. Common Pests That Invade the Home During Winter Season shares some useful information on how to prevent a winter infestation. 

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