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Wasps in New York City Become More Active in Spring

Acme Exterminating of New York City Advises to Watch Out for Wasps

The approach of spring also signals the emergence of wasps in New York City and elsewhere. There are different varieties of wasps, which also include hornets and yellowjackets, and they are common pests in New York State. Wasps are active in the spring, summer, and fall and can be dangerous insects, particularly to those who have allergic reactions to their sting. Some wasps are more aggressive than others, so residents and businesses must use caution around wasp nests around buildings, under shutters, in bushes, beneath the ground, and elsewhere.

Acme Exterminating of New York City shares this article from NYC Health about the different types of wasps, where to look for wasp nests, what to do if you’re stung by a wasp, and the safe way to remove a wasp nest, which should ideally be done by a licensed pest control specialist: CLICK HERE.

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