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New Viruses, Superbugs Found in Study of New York House Mice

Acme Exterminating Shares Article Discussing Previously Unseen Viruses and Bacteria Carried by House Mice in NYC boroughs

A yearlong study of residential mice have revealed two major things. The first is whether you live in a million dollar apartment or low-income housing, mice can get into your home – something we all know given the challenges combating pest problems in NYC. The second, however, may come as more alarming. A study according to CNN, have shown that house mice carry unseen viruses and bacteria that can cause life-threatening illnesses. Researchers even go a step further saying "mice are more worrisome because they live indoors and are more likely to contaminate our [home]."

CNN shares insight from various researchers studying four out of the five boroughs of NYC and the viruses and bacteria carried by house mice.

Click here to read more: New Viruses, Superbugs Found in Study of New York House Mice

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