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Our Approach

Acme Exterminating currently provides NYC (Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens) with an advanced Integrated Pest Management (or IPM) solution for bed bug removal and control. IPM integrates a wide range of pest control techniques, from insecticides to use of mechanical, biological, and environmental methods to attain a pest free environment. IPM relies greatly on careful service and observation to identify sources of infestations, elimination of rodent and insect harborages through good sanitary practices, and identifying site specific application of control measures. Our bed bug exterminators will work aggressively to help you eliminate conditions which may be conducive to infestations. The alternatives to toxic chemicals require a greater commitment to long term preventive management strategies before emergencies arise.

Identify - What do I look for?
General description: Adult bed bugs resemble the same size, shape and color as an apple seed. Small, wingless
Color: Straw colored (unfed) to reddish brown (fed)
Shape: Oval and flat
Size: 3/16 - ¼ inch (adult)
Development: 5 stages (nymphs to adult); Egg to adult (1.5 – 2 months); Lays 5-7 eggs per week

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How do I know I have them?

Some indicators are:
  • Live or dead bed bugs found
  • Visual identification of shed skins
  • Presence of fecal droppings
  • Bites
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How will Acme help me?

Acme Exterminating’s goal is to significantly reduce or eliminate the population on the initial visit and provide service and maintenance on subsequent visits. Acme Exterminating will determine the severity and extent of the infestation, location of harborages, and utilize the most effective and responsible control strategies.

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How can I get the most out of my service?

Good pest control starts with a partnership and commitment to addressing all potential threats. To get the most out of your program, please note the following recommendations:

  • Reduce clutter as much as possible
  • Follow preparation guidelines for treatment
  • Be wary of second hand furniture or mattresses
  • Install mattress encasements
  • Thoroughly and regularly vacuum suspected areas and discard vacuum bag or clean out canister
  • Notify Acme Exterminating as soon as possible for confirmation and professional treatment services
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Bed Bug Exterminating Service Done The RIGHT Way: Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx

As the best bed bug exterminator in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx, there is no substitute for good communication; we believe this is essential to providing an excellent customer experience. Acme Exterminating offers customized pest management programs to fit your individual needs. We seek to build long term partnerships which will ensure peace of mind; Let us worry about your pest control issues.

NY State Licensed & Trained Bed Bug Exterminator: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens

Hiring us as a bed bug exterminator will give you access to an exceptional team of extermination problem solvers. Our knowledgeable and friendly pest management professionals are all 100% New York state licensed and trained in removing bed bugs from Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens residential and commercial properties. If you are unsure about any of our services or would like more information please do not hesitate to Contact Us and call for immediate assistance.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

How to Prepare For Our Bed Bug Removal Service
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What People say About Us

a week ago

This company was prompt and efficient in helping me with my NYC pests. I really appreciate Joe Miller. He did a great job! Very thorough. I recommend them without any hesitation!

Alicia Lieu
2 weeks ago

My compliments go to exterminator Kevin! He really goes above and beyond on exterminating cautiously around my pets! I've called on Kevin a few times for rat and roach issues at 2 of my locations and he really does the job...

Cynthia (Cici)
2 weeks ago

For over a decade David has been servicing our building and he does an excellent job protecting it from pests. Whenever something comes up, he's always willing to...

Petah Coyne Studio
2 weeks ago

The exterminator Kevin has been servicing the residential building I live in and does a great job of getting rid of the pests. I've never had a problem, I highly recommend.

Rosa Mendoza
2 weeks ago

I been working 10 yrs at 2501 grand concourse and acme exterminating is great and are super professional. Our regular exterminator is Joe Miller and he does a great job.

Jonathan Levitt
3 weeks ago

Kevin is one of the most professional exterminators I've ever seen. Great attitude and willingness to work! Makes my job much easier when he takes the initiative to get things done.

Daryl C
a month ago

We get ants every spring/summer in our home. I called Acme & David came to service our issue. NO ANTS!!! He's very thorough & a very professional tech. highly recommend.

Katherine Velez
a month ago

Kevin did the service at our place in the village. He was prompt, polite, and clear in his explanations. And! appears he has effectively dealt with the rats. thanks to Kevin!

Chuck Stevenson
6 months ago

Every month Joe Miller comes to ensure that all is in order and there has not be any evidence of any rodent or insect activity. He really knows what he is doing. He is so thorough. He actually is also very pleasant and takes his job very seriously. He takes a lot of pride in his work. I am very thankful he handles our account. Thank you so much.

Murray Paster
6 months ago

I called Acme Exterminating today regarding a pest issue that I was having and spoke to the coordinator Tiffanie who helped guide me through the process and also set up an appointment with me. She was so amazing she even called me back to follow-up and make sure everything went well. It means a great deal when a company has people who care. Thank you.

Rashid Qawi Al-Amin
6 months ago

The service technician is totally reliable, thorough and responsive to our needs - and a nice guy. My only complaint is that they bill us in the beginning of the month, but our regular service is in the second half.

Martha Graham
6 months ago

I've recently called to set up an appointment for cockroaches and rodents. I've spoken to a very professional, well spoken representative by the names of Tiffine Jones, who went out of her way to make sure I get the best service.

Lorando Nettles
10 months ago

Allen came by to do a job today and I have to say he is an absolute professional! He takes so much pride in coming to my establishment and the price is fair. I highly recommend Acme Exterminating if you want the job done right.

Bedford Falls
a year ago

Our exterminator is Joe Miller and he is very professional and complying. Joe has been servicing the day care for many years and he is very efficient, punctual and serviceable. When we get any other unwanted visitors Joe makes sure it attended. Excellent work Joe and Acme.

Ken Wada

David and the team at Acme are great. He is always attentive to the nuances of our building. Additionally, every time he is on site - he checks in to see if there are any new areas to treat. We recently had a growing issue and he problem solved on the spot to create a treatment plan.....


Acme treated both my office and apartment. Each had their own American cockroach problem. Kevin is the technician who did the extermination at both locations. Kevin is wonderful—a true professional. The reason I contacted Acme is because the exterminator my apartment....