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Each Season Brings New Bugs

Acme Exterminating Gives Its NYC Consumers Insight To What's A Buzz This Fall

As the summer transitions to fall, New Yorkers should be aware of these pest intruders. Stink bugs, spiders, boxelder bugs, and cluster flies are all on the rise as the lower temperatures set in. Read more about these creepy crawlers, and be prepared to call Acme Exterminating Corporation if you become bombarded with these buggy bodies!


Here Are Species Of Fall Bugs And Pests To Look For In New York:

Stink bugs. These annoying insects go dormant in the winter, so they come inside during the fall for shelter. Swatting them releases an unpleasant smell, hence the name.

Boxelder bugs
. These tree-eating insects are black with orange-red outlining on their backs. Boxelder bugs don’t attack or carry diseases but they eat plants and their droppings can stain certain surfaces.

. In a garden, spiders can be a blessing in your garden, but nobody likes them inside. Besides common house spiders, more dangerous species like the brown recluse and black widow can be found in the area. Call for pest control if you spot one!

Cluster flies. These large flies with yellow furry hairs tend to become an invasive nuisance in the fall.

Mice and other small mammals begin looking for winter homes. Seal all openings that you can and put birdseed and pet foods in airtight containers, and call for pest control when necessary.

Be prepared to call Acme Exterminating if you spot these autumn invaders. Even homeowners who rarely have pest problems may suddenly face an infestation as these creatures come inside to avoid the colder weather.



If you are experiencing a Stink bugs, spiders, boxelder bugs, or cluster flies infestation in the Midtown Manhattan, New York City area please contact us today or fill out our contact form.

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