Midtown Manhattan Bed Bug Moving Storage
Simple Ways To Avoid Bed Bugs During Moving And Storage

Simple Ways To Avoid Bed Bugs During Moving And Storage Midtown Manhattan, NY

Midtown Manhattan Bed Bug Moving Storage
Midtown Manhattan Bed Bug Moving Storage

Simple precautions when moving or storing things to prevent bed bugs

It’s a good idea to take some simple precautions when moving or storing things to prevent bed bugs from coming along for the ride. Taking some precautions in your new home can help prevent bed bugs in the future.

Before You Move

  • Are there any bed bugs in your current home? If you do have them, or are not sure, see our guide Preventing and Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Safely.
  • Before you move, look around your new home carefully with a flashlight to see if there are bed bugs.
  • If you do see any bed bugs (or other problems), speak to the landlord about pest control before you move. If you are the homeowner, hire a pest management professional to inspect and treat, if necessary, the home before you move.

Preparing For Your Move

  • Use new packing material whenever possible. If you do use boxes that have been used by others, first inspect them carefully with a flashlight for bed bugs.
  • If you hire a mover or rent a moving vehicle, ask the company if they check for bed bugs and how frequently.
  • If you or your movers use blankets to wrap some furniture, make sure the blankets have been cleaned or sanitized first.
  • If you rent a vehicle, check it yourself before you put your things inside.


  • Before you put things in storage, ask how frequently they check for bed bugs. If possible, look around the storage area yourself with a flashlight. Try to store your things in sealable plastic containers or bags. If a bag rips, seal the tear with duct tape.
  • Check items carefully when you remove them from storage
  • Wash clothing immediately as you normally would. If you suspect bed bugs, launder washable items in hot water and dry on the highest setting for at least 20 minutes. Dry cleaning and steam cleaning will kill bed bugs in fabrics (including soft luggage) that can’t be washed and dried at high settings.

Provided by: The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene


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