Bed Bug Removal Midtown Manhattan
Bed Bug Removal Midtown Manhattan
Bed Bug Removal Midtown Manhattan
Bed Bug Removal Midtown Manhattan
Pest Information - Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Removal Midtown Manhattan, NY

Our Approach

Integrated Pest Management (or IPM) is the name of the approach that Acme Exterminating will employ in your property. IPM integrates a wide range of pest control techniques, from insecticides to use of mechanical, biological, and environmental methods to attain a pest free environment. IPM relies greatly on careful service and observation to identify sources of infestations, elimination of rodent and insect harborages through good sanitary practices, and identifying site specific application of control measures. We will work aggressively to help you eliminate conditions which may be conducive to pests. The alternatives to toxic chemicals require a greater commitment to long term preventive management strategies before emergencies arise.

Bed Bug Removal Midtown Manhattan

Identify - What do I look for?

What do I look for?

General description: Adult bed bugs resemble the same size, shape and color as an apple seed. Small, wingless

Color: Straw colored (unfed) to reddish brown (fed)

Shape: Oval and flat

Size: 3/16 - ¼ inch (adult)

Development: 5 stages (nymphs to adult); Egg to adult (1.5 – 2 months); Lays 5-7 eggs per week

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Confirm - How do I know I have them?

How do I know I have them?

Some indicators are:

  • Live or dead bed bugs found
  • Visual identification of shed skins
  • Presence of fecal droppings
  • Bites

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Acme’s Solution

How will Acme help me?

Acme Exterminating’s goal is to significantly reduce or eliminate the population on the initial visit and provide service and maintenance on subsequent visits. Acme Exterminating will determine the severity and extent of the infestation, location of bed bug harborages, and utilize the most effective and responsible control strategies.

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Maximize Our Solution

How can I get the most out of my service?

Good pest control starts with a partnership and commitment to addressing all potential threats. To get the most out of your program, please note the following recommendations:

  • Reduce clutter as much as possible
  • Follow preparation guidelines for bed bug treatment
  • Be wary of second hand furniture or mattresses
  • Install mattress encasements
  • Thoroughly and regularly vacuum suspected areas and discard vacuum bag or clean out canister
  • Notify Acme Exterminating as soon as possible for confirmation and professional bed bug treatment services

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