Residential Preparations

Home Pest Service Preparation Midtown Manhattan, NY

Step 1: Strip the bed.

Please remove all blankets (comforters, duvets, etc.), mattress covers, mattress pads, pillowcases, and sheets.

Launder and dry all these items at the hottest setting possible. Fold them and place them in clear bags or plastic storage bins and store in another room.

Do not put them back on until the pest control service has been performed and the mattress and box spring encasement has been installed.

Step 2: Empty the furniture and closets.

Please remove everything from your dresser, night stand drawers, and other furniture near the beds.

Closets need to be emptied of everything. Clothing needs to be laundered. All other items need to be visually inspected before placing in a clear bag or plastic storage bins in another room.

Step 3: Wash and dry.

Wash all clothing, bags, linens, clothing, etc. Choose the hottest water temperature that the garment can be laundered in.

Dry all items on high and place clean items in clear bags or storage plastic bins and place in another room until the after the treatment.

Step 4: Provide access.

If bed bugs have been observed on sofas, chairs, or other furniture in other rooms, please provide access to these items.

Please move all furniture away from the wall with a clearance of 2 feet. Remove all clutter that would prevent the technician from freely moving through the treatment area.

Place mattress and box spring upright against the wall. Lean them side by side exposing the front and back sides.



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