Commercial Preparations

Commercial Pest Service Preparation Midtown Manhattan, NY

Step 1: Remove all Items.

Please remove all items from the following areas:

Items that are removed should be visually inspected and secured in a clear bag. Personal garments and bags should be laundered and placed in a dryer or dry cleaned. If it is decided to discard any items, the items must be sealed or secured in a plastic bag before transporting to a garbage dumpster.

Examples of items to be removed from the office work space include but are not limited to:

Step 2: Reduce clutter.

Clutter includes scattered or disorganized things that impede movement, access, or effectiveness. Lack of proper storage practices, lack of space, and accumulation of items in confined areas creates harborages for bed bugs and hinders the effectiveness of the treatment.

Step 3: Remove electrical plates.

In the areas designated for treatment, remove all outlet covers and switch plates.



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